Different Types of Security Seals and Their Advantages

Different Types of Security Seals and Their Advantages

Security is one of the major concerns businesses involved in transporting and storing goods, due to the threat of terrorism, burglary, and tampering. Security seals work well to prevent and spot unauthorized entry, stealing, or tampering. However, when it comes to security seals, there is no standard security solution for all types of goods. Different kinds of seals are better suited to particular environments and jobs than others.

Today, we shall be discussing the different types of security seals generally available in the market and their specific purpose. Let’s start.

Bar seals

Bar seals offer the highest level of security when the cargo needs are transported in containers and trucks. There are no specific tools required in the installation of bar seals which makes them easy to use. Bar seals are used to secure the doors of the shipping containers and they are placed on the locking rods of the containers. Bar seals are usually removed with the help of a cutting or grinding wheel. There are high-security bar seals available for more specific purposes.

Metal is used to make bar seals and they are usually made of hardened steel. Hardened steel has a higher tensile strength than regular steel.

Cable seals

Locked doors, seal valves, and other such objects that have a small opening can be sealed with the help of cable seals. Cable seals are made with strong cable wires that can be inserted into the opening of the object. For special circumstances like international cargo shipping, certain high-security cable seals can be used that meet specific standards. The length of cable used in the seal is dependent on the size of the job. The extra length can always be cut as per the need. You can find different options in cable seals with different diameters for different requirements.

Bolt seals

Another high-security seal option is a bolt seal, which has a complicated locking mechanism. However, bolt seals are self-locking, which makes them simple to use and tool-free to install. Bolt seals have a tamper-evident body and manually attached steel bolts to the seal which gives them the name bolt seals. For added security, bolt seals can be customized by printing, barcoding, and colors.

Wire seals

You can find several varieties of wire seals. They are mechanically similar to pull-tight seals made of plastic; however, they are made of metal wires which make them less prone to breakage. Wire seals are ideal to use when the seals need to pass through tiny gaps.

Padlock seals

Small and incredibly simple-to-use padlock seals are one of the best options you can find. The usual purpose of padlock seals is to stop doors from opening. To secure drums and meters, wire padlock seals can be used. On the other hand, plastic padlock seals can be used to secure zipper bags, first aid kids, and food and beverage carts.

There is an ideal seal option for every kind of purpose. Use the best-quality security seals and enjoy the utmost safety of your assets and resources.

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