How Security Seals Can Help Combat Cargo Theft

How Security Seals Can Help Combat Cargo Theft

Theft is one of the most major issues that shipping companies, freight forwarders, and logistics providers have to deal with.

To combat the issue of theft, security cable seals play a vital role in the transportation industry. In this blog, we will discuss how security cable seals work and how they help combat cargo theft.

How security seals work

Security cable seals are used to secure containers, trailers, railcars, and other cargo-carrying vehicles. They create a physical barrier that prevents unauthorized access to the cargo. The seal is looped through the locking mechanism of the container or vehicle and tightened to prevent it from being opened without breaking the seal.

Top three types of security cable seals

High-security seals

The strongest kind of security cable seals, high-security cable seals is made to withstand great force and tampering efforts.

Medium security seals

The majority of applications may be used with medium-security cable seals, which strike a compromise between strength and affordability.

Low-security seals

The most fundamental kind of security cable seal, these are perfect for low-risk circumstances.

These seals can be customized

Yes, you heard it right! Security cable seals can be customized with a range of options. They can have serial numbers, company logos, as well as colors. Customization deters theft and makes it easier to identify the cargo.

How the security cable seals help combat cargo theft

Security cable seals are an effective tool for combating cargo theft in the transportation industry. By creating a physical barrier that prevents unauthorized access to the cargo, they provide prevention and deterrence against theft. Additionally, they help to identify tampering or theft attempts by indicating that the seal has been broken or damaged.

Businesses have alternatives thanks to the variety of security levels and cable seal types that are available, allowing them to customize their security requirements. Options for customization, such as special serial numbers, brand logos, and colors, can further aid in preventing theft and facilitating cargo identification. Security cable seals must also be applied, inspected, and maintained correctly in order for them to be functional.

While it is vital to consider that security cable seals do not guarantee 100% protection against cargo theft, they are an essential component of a comprehensive security plan that includes other measures such as GPS tracking, security cameras, and security personnel. Together, these measures can help businesses protect their cargo and minimize financial losses from theft.

To conclude

Security cable seals are an essential tool for combating cargo theft in the transportation industry. They provide prevention, deterrence, and identification of tampering or theft attempts. However, when choosing security cable seals, it is important to consider factors such as security level, material and strength, size and length, customization options, and cost-effectiveness. Make sure to rely on a reputed supplier to source high-quality and reliable security seals at the best price.



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