Major Features of Security Bolt Seals

Major Features of Security Bolt Seals

A powerful security seal used to seal transports is called a bolt seal. Bolt seals have a single use and are frequently serialized. They also offer a higher level of security due to their excellent breaking strength.

Bolt seals are a type of flexible and effective security tool that is used in numerous industries all over the world. The objective of bolt seals is to provide better protection for trailer door latches, cross-border shipments, and several other commodities as well.

High security bolt seals from premium manufacturers are heavy-duty and they can ensure the best safety and security of your goods and products.

One of the most prevalent uses of bolt seals is to seal containers and they are frequently used to seal shipping containers. Their purpose is to offer safety against manipulation and in the event that it happens, to show recipients clear proof of tampering. Many customs authorities mandate that pin and barrel bolt seals be individually numbered so that the recipient can verify whether the authentic bolt seal is still located in place. Digital code can also be incorporated by the choice of security seal vendors to speed up the delivery of goods.

The majority of bolt seals are applicable by hand. However, to remove them, tools like a bolt seal cutter are generally required due to their high breaking strength. Bolt seals are thus another form of security.

Today, we shall discuss the four major features of bolt seals that can be beneficial for the security of a business. Let’s start. 

Compliance with the law

One of the crucial features of security bolt seals that sets them apart from the rest of the security seals is their compliance with the regulations of both national and international shipping. You must only get bolt seals produced by reputable manufacturers and they must comply with C-TPAT regulations and has ISO 17712 certification, fully satisfying the standards for a high-security seal.

These standards are met by the bolt seals only after they undergo rigorous testing of their durability and strength. As you choose to get bolt seals that are well tested, you can ensure that your cargo is secured and fastened during transportation while adhering to legal requirements.

Simple application and tricky removal 

You can enjoy some additional benefits with this crucial feature of bolt seals that make them easy to apply but difficult to remove. It takes minimum time and effort to apply a bolt seal and secure the respective door or container. However, despite their effective application, bolt seals are difficult to rupture. Due to their high level of security, they can only be removed using a bolt cutter, reducing the possibility of theft or tampering.

Customizability is another major feature of security bolt seals that makes them ideal for the purpose of safety. You can also find some specific features in your security bolt seals according to your unique needs as you choose a reputable manufacturer.

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