What Are the Different Types of Security Seals Used by Businesses?

What Are the Different Types of Security Seals Used by Businesses?

The importance of security cannot be underestimated by any business. Cargo theft, tampering, and terrorist activities must be considered carefully to ensure the best security of your resources. One of the most common tools used for safety against theft, tampering, and unauthorized access is security seal. The major reason behind the popularity of security seals among businesses is their effectiveness. There are different types of security seals available in the market that can be ideal for different safety purposes. There is no standard type of security seal that can work for everything everywhere. You can choose the best security seals for your business from these varieties. Different types of security seals can be advantageous in different ways and they can be used for different tasks.

However, to choose the right type of security seal for your needs, it is important to know the different types of security seals well. What are the different types of security seals? Let’s see.

Bolt seals

Bolt seals are well-designed seals that offer high security through their complex mechanism of locking. No additional tools are required for bolt seals as they have a self-locking mechanism. Another significant benefit of bolt seals is that can be easily put in the place.

There is a steel bolt in this type of seal and a part with a tamper that can be attached to the bolt to form the seal. Bolt seals are completely customizable and companies get to choose the preferred print, color, and bar code for additional security in these seals. Bolt seals can be used for latches of trailer doors and containers. To remove a bolt seal, bolt cutters are needed.

Cable seals

Cable seals are used for locked doors, valves, and other small openings. These types of seals are well known for their durability. The small opening is used to put the cable wire through. Cable seals are ideal for high-security needs and they can be used in requirements related to cargo shipping. The cable length and diameter for cable seals may vary on the basis of requirements.

Plastic seals 

Plastic seals are fixed-length seals. Plastic seals are well known for their strength. Truck shipments and other cargos can be secured well with plastic seals. If you have a budget, then you can consider plastic seals for their affordability.

Another type of plastic seal is the pull-tight seal. They are available in wide varieties in the matter of strength and can be chosen by users on the basis of their unique requirements. Hazardous materials can be secured well with pull-tight seals.

Metal strap seals

Metal strap seals are quite similar to fixed-length plastic seals; however, they are made with different materials. Being made of metal, metal strap seals are stronger and more durable than plastic seals. Businesses can increase their security levels by using metal strap seals with barcode printing and custom numbering.

These are the different types of security seals used by different businesses. Choose the best security seal company near your location and get the best security seal for your business needs.

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