What Are the Features of High-Security Bolt Seals?

What Are the Features of High-Security Bolt Seals?

High-security bolt seals are among the strong security seal types which are primarily applied for sealing goods for transport. They are one-time usable seals, and you will notice some unique numbering on them. They are trusted, for their incredible strength, which provides an extra layer of security. Most bolt seals are certified as ISO 17712 high-security seals. The certification is necessary to maintain security standards for the transportation of goods. Certified security bolt seals are the standard for international freight and are accepted by most customs around the world.

High-security bolt seals are the most popular type of container seal and are widely used for sealing shipping containers to prevent manipulation of the contents of the container. If the seal is tempered, it’s impossible to lock it back the way it was, and thus works as tangible proof that tampering has occurred.

Here are a few features of high-security bolt seals that everyone should know about in this industry:

Regulation Compliance

The major feature of bold seals that differentiates bolt seals from other available security seals is that it is eligible for local or international application to ensure the utmost security of shipping containers. It complies with local and international shipping regulations by fully meeting the requirements of a high-security seal.

Bolt seals go through heavy-duty strength and durability testing to ensure that it meets the security standards required for the international transportation of shipping containers. It means your cargo will be safe with an extra layer of security.

Easy Application

Another significant feature of bolt seals is that they are easy to apply, can be used by anyone, and are extremely challenging to remove. Application of high-security bolt seals shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds, which makes them easy to apply and secure for various applications. Bolt seals are tough seals to break and can be removed only by using a bolt cutter or cutting down on the risk of theft or tampering.


These high-security bolt seals are highly customizable in terms of color and numbering. Bolt seals come marked with unique numbering on each seal to enable the user to easily track the seal’s journey and maintain accurate record keeping. The color customization option is available as means to match your company’s branding or to be used as a color-coded security regime.

Other Specific Features

Bolt seals also have a variety of other security features. They are flexible and made for laches that might not line up perfectly but still get the security that a bolt seal provides. Boat seals are also anti-spin which prevents them from spinning inside the seal. It is very useful in high-risk areas with high tempering concerns. The bolt seals cannot be physically moved in their sealed position unless it is cut with a bolt cutter. Thus, ant tempering with the shipping container will be easy to recognize.

Final Words

Bolt seals work as a valuable security tool for any field or business seeking to comply with regulations while ensuring that their cargo is protected by a certified, sturdy, and high-security seal. Co9ntact the best sellers near you to get your hands on bolt seals and enhance the safety and security of your company’s cargo.

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