What Are the Types of Security Seals? Classification Based on Level of Protection

What Are the Types of Security Seals? Classification Based on Level of Protection

Have you ever wondered why security seals are used? If yes then let us tell you the answer. One of the primary use of security seals is to ensure the inviolability of the goods. The high-security seals are especially important in the case of long-distance transport of high-value products. This is the reason why it is crucial to compare the seals on the level of protection they provide when choosing them. So further in this blog, we will be taking a closer look at the types of security seals based on their degree of protection.

Types of security seals

When it comes to security seals, there are three levels of protection:

High-security seals

High-security seals in the USA include seals for maritime containers. You can find these seals in the form of a barrier seal which is a tube-shaped seal with two end stops. However, you may also find them as a metal seal with a cable. They come with a tensile strength of more than 1019.72 kg.

Security seals

These are the standard seals in the form of a metal seal with an adjustable cable. These seals are less specialized when compared to the high-security seals however these are suitable for a myriad of applications. These seals offer a tensile strength of more than 231 kg.

Indicating seals

As the name suggests, the main purpose of these seals is to indicate something. Thus, they are usually made of less-strength plastic or metal. You can find them as security seals with metallic cable or ring type seals or adjustable strap seals. The indicating seals come with a tensile strength of less than 231 kg.

  1. High security bottled type seals or barriers
  • These seals are mainly used for the transportation of goods in containers. Their main function is to avoid the goods from manipulation.
  • Because they are used for transportation, these seals are approved by ISO/PAS 17712 and to C-TPAT regulations.
  • These are called bottled types because they have two parts. One is a central tube covered with plastic with a stop on the bottom. The other one is the upper bushing along with a steel core that closes the seal after the installation.
  1. Metal security seals with cables
  • These can be used for all types of transportation. Furthermore, they can be used as a safety/ security system for valves and tanks.
  • These seals comply with TIR regulations.
  • To open some models, special shearing tools will be required.
  1. Metal indicating seals
  • Metal indicating seals are usually used for international freight transports. This is the reason why they are considered custom seals.
  • They are formed with a strip of steel sheet which bends and closes.
  • They provide an optical indication to ensure the correct closure as well as avoid manipulation of goods.

The ranges of security seals can also be customized using several resistant-making techniques. If you want to learn more about high-security seals in the USA, feel free to contact the experts now.

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